As a certified coach, I help high net worth individuals and families achieve social impact through their philanthropy.


What is social impact coaching?  

Coaching focuses on the achievement of goals aligned with deeply held values.

Social impact coaching involves achieving philanthropic goals for sustainable social change and deep personal fulfillment.

I have developed a unique three-step process for my clients. It involves 8-10 coaching sessions over a 12-month period. Clients move at different speeds depending on their specific goals and aspirations.

I am certified to ask powerful questions that will inspire action and accountability.

Step 1: Uncover

In this phase, I will help you unearth the social problem that touches you most deeply.

In some cases, you may already know what that issue is. For example:

  • You believe there’s nothing worse than child abuse.
  • You want to conserve natural habitats.
  • The arts have always meant the world to you.
  • You’re committed to helping survivors of human trafficking.
  • You see girls’ education as the key to women’s empowerment.

These are all important issues!

But if you’re open to being surprised, you may discover there’s another social problem that moves you even more.

Once you identify your passion work (or double-down on it), and understand why a particular social issue means so much to you on a soul level, you’ll become enthusiastically obsessed with putting your talent and effort into its mitigation or resolution.

Step 2: Understand

In this phase, I will challenge you to explore your social issue from a systems perspective.

This means reading, researching, asking critical questions and listening carefully – in particular to beneficiaries and front-line service-providers.

To really understand your social problem holistically, it’s also crucial to learn about the players already on the field.

  • Which organizations are doing the best work?
  • Which interventions are achieving maximum impact?
  • Have there been any unintended consequences?
  • What attempts have “failed” and why?
  • What are the strategies and plans for sustainability?
  • How might a model be scaled or replicated to increase impact?
  • Who are the partners that can achieve collective impact and systems change?

Once you know the answers to these questions you’ll have gained significant insight into your passion work.

Step 3: Undertake

In this phase, I will facilitate a conversation between you and other organizations and/or donors working to crack the same social issue.

This will be followed by strategic, philanthropic investment. But making a donation is never enough – ongoing engagement is necessary.

Rather than getting in the way of professional change-makers, or micro-managing employees of social impact organizations, you’ll want to become an ally.

As an ally, you’ll make a financial contribution. But there are other important considerations:

  • What is the best form of stewardship for you to stay connected to the organization?
  • Do you enjoy public recognition that serves as an example to inspire others?
  • Or do you prefer anonymity because you also value modesty?
  • Do you want your partner, children, grandchildren or company to be involved? If so, how?

I will help you navigate the degree of engagement that’s right for you.