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22 hours ago

Anita Nowak
Daily Empathy Post #2363 (January 29) Purposeful Empathy"Empathy, as described by Simon Baron-Cohen, British Clinical Psychologist at the University of Cambridge, is like a universal solvent. Any problem immersed in empathy becomes soluble. Empathy at the workplace requires to be addressed at two levels: Empathetic Leadership and Empathetic Work Environment."Article sourced from Omnia HealthPhoto by KOBU Agency on Unsplash ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Anita Nowak
Daily Empathy Post #2362 (January 28) Purposeful Empathy"With over a decade of practice and thousands of hours logged as a coach, I’ve learned that sometimes empathy shows up most purely as just listening—listening to understand. From a position of understanding, we make better, more accurate decisions."Article sourced from ForbesPhoto by Brock Wegner on Unsplash ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Anita Nowak
Daily Empathy Post #2361 (January 27) Purposeful Empathy"'If you and I could sketch out a spectrum, with the very ideal application of empathy in our lives and the lives of others, and then you wanted to see the complete opposite of that at the other end, it would be that invasion of Ukraine by Russia,' said Johnston. 'It's really a total lack of empathy and simply conquest and power.'"Article sourced from CityNews OttawaPhoto by Elisa Calvet B. on Unsplash ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Anita Nowak
Watch this episode to learn how mindfulness can be harnessed to promote more self-compassion and empathy for others.Bassam Khoury is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology at McGill University and head of the Mindfulness Research Lab. In this episode, as an engineer-turned-psychologist, he describes how mindfulness and compassion could help change the world.00:00 Introduction00:26 About Dr. Bassam Khoury02:28 The practice of mindfulness04:40 How mindfulness promotes empathy08:30 The difference between intra-personal and inter-personal mindfulness09:58 What is the connection between compassion and mindfulness?12:17 The four angles of compassion20:02 Bassam’s path from engineering to psychology23:12 How being mindful has changed Bassam’s life 26:14 Why is mindfulness so important in today’s society?32:48 Daily practices to cultivate compassion39:24 The benefits of mindfulness and compassion43:13 Dr. Bassam Khoury’s Purposeful Empathy StoryCONNECT WITH DR. BASSAM KHOURY✩ McGill Mindfulness Research Lab: www.mcgill.ca/mmrl/ CONNECT WITH ANITA✩ Email purposefulempathy@gmail.com ✩ Website www.anitanowak.com/ ✩ LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/anitanowak✩ Instagram tinyurl.com/anitanowakinstagram✩ Twitter twitter.com/anitanowak21✩ Facebook Page tinyurl.com/PurposefulEmpathyFacebook✩ Facebook Group tinyurl.com/PurposefulEmpathyCommunity✩ Podcast Audio tinyurl.com/PurposefulEmpathyPodcastVideo edited by David Tsvariani ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Anita Nowak
Daily Empathy Post #2360 (January 26) Purposeful Empathy"Racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, bullying, and even child abuse are grounded in a profound lack of empathy. Unfair, cruel, targeted, and dehumanizing acts occur when empathy is blocked and natural human bonds are severed. As seen tragically throughout history, and in the present day, it is well-documented that brains can be trained from childhood to put others into the 'out-group' where their natural empathy is erased."Article sourced from Psychology TodayPhoto by Ilayza on Unsplash ... See MoreSee Less
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"Encouraging empathy and personal interactions, fostering innovation and creativity, and extending financial care to team members in need can help keep an organization healthy and in alignment with a higher mission."


"Empathy isn’t just how you respond to a customer complaint, of course. But such a situation typifies the need to prioritize empathy in every step of a company’s interactions with its customers."


"If any organization aims at staying ahead in its industry while getting the best out of its human resource, empathetic leadership is definitely an approach to consider."


"Alternatively, when people use disconnection or numbing to cope with their own situations, often unconsciously, they find that they are numb to everything – that all emotions are dialled down or switched off – and this can result in a lack of empathy.'"


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