In 2008, Anita spent part of the summer in East Africa, volunteering for Tubahumerize, an NGO that empowers survivors of the Rwandan genocide. In addition to offering training programs and micro-credit to hundreds of women, the organization hosts weekly healing circles facilitated by a professional social worker.

Little by little, Anita came to learn about the women – the unspeakable horrors and losses they endured, and the extreme poverty and gender violence they faced. Two nights before leaving, Anita had a breakdown. How could she reconcile going home to a happy and peaceful life while these women continued to suffer? She was also terribly disappointed in herself, having come to the conclusion that she lacked the inner fortitude to work on the frontlines of humanitarian assistance.

That night, Anita resolved to “be part of the solution” by devoting her life to education. She would contribute to social change by teaching, writing and public speaking.

Anita (front row, left) with the women of Tubahumerize (Kigali, Rwanda in 2008)


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